Gold Medal Skills Academy

Gold Medal Skills Academy

About Me

I’m Anita Busby, Founder and CEO of Gold Medal Skills Academy. With experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and education, my passion is helping individuals reach their full potential through study skills and career development.

I have worked for a few industries over the 30+ years, I’ve worked in the Microbiology field for the NHS, Quality Assurance for a Pharmaceutical company, ran a tuition company and is running a skills academy. The experience I’ve gained over the years have made me uniquely qualified to understand how to get the best from individuals. 

Gold Medal Skills Academy

Gold Medal Skills Academy

The reason I have branched into teaching about skill is that it is going to be the thing which could make a huge difference in your academic and career paths. While running the tuition business, I noticed that student may need help with specific subject, a lot of the time is knowing HOW to study rather than the subject matter in hand. 

Knowing how you like to learn, knowing the best tips and strategies to use and knowing how to prepare for exams makes a huge difference to the experience of learning.

I specialise in equipping students with study skills for academic excellence. Services include study planning, time management, revision strategies, exam preparation and other topics that you may not realise is important. Our goal is to empower you to unlock your potential and achieve remarkable results.


I teach individuals how to navigate the world of work by creating a CV/ Resume which leads them to that job interview. With the increased use of video and online interviews, being able to present yourself well, will be the most important skills that everyone must have. 


Learning Styles

Assess your preferred learning style. Maximise your learning potential by understanding how you learn best.

Study Skills

Learn effective study skills: time management, note-taking strategies, active reading, critical thinking, and exam-taking strategies.

Goal Setting

Clear goals help prioritise studying, reduce distractions and stay focused. Improve your time management skills. Increase focus.

Time Management

Knowing how to manage your time will help you whether you are planning your study schedule, revising for exams, practising for an interview, or scheduling your workflow.

Study Planning

Learn to influence the outcome of any exam by planning the steps it takes to get the grades.

Active Learning

Learn how to engage actively with material, using a variety of methods. Improve comprehension, recall and retention of information.

Exam Preparation

Develop skills and strategies for exam preparation and stress management.

Exam Anxiety

Boost your confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve your exam results.

CV Creation

Learn how to create a standout CV that showcases your skills and experience. Increase your chances of getting hired for the job you want.

Online and Video Presentation

Develop skills for engaging online and video presentations. Increase your confidence and professionalism when presenting online or in video meetings