Gold Medal Skills Academy

Gold Medal Skills Academy

Learning Styles

Assess your preferred learning style. Maximise your learning potential by understanding how you learn best

Study Skills

Learn effective study skills: time management, note-taking strategies, active reading, critical thinking, and exam-taking strategies.

Goal Setting

Improve your time management skills. Increase focus. Clear goals help prioritise studying, reduce distractions and stay focused.

Time Management

Knowing how to manage your time will help you whether you are planning your study schedule, revising for exams, practising for an interview, or scheduling your workflow.

Study Planning

Learn to influence the outcome of any exam by planning the steps it takes to get the grades.

Active Learning

Learn how to engage actively with material, using a variety of methods. Improve comprehension, recall and retention of information.

Exam Preparation

Develop skills and strategies for exam preparation and stress management.

Exam Anxiety

Boost your confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve your exam results.

CV Creation

Learn how to create a standout CV that showcases your skills and experience. Increase your chances of getting hired for the job you want.

Online and Video Presentation

Develop skills for engaging online and video presentations. Increase your confidence and professionalism when presenting online or in video meetings